A New Vision

We have a new Vision/Mission Statement for our ministry: Anchor Bay is A Network of Ministers in Christ, Advancing God’s Kingdom Worldwide .

We, The ABEA Executive Board members, were involved in meetings discussing the future of our ministry. During those discussions two very important questions were raised.

(1)“What is the Vision of ABEA?”
(2) “Where are we going?”

We believe we have answered the questions with Vision/Mission statement. I will break the Vision statement down into sections to give a detailed view concerning” Who we are” and “Where we are going”

“A Network of Ministers” – Anchor Bay consists of a Network of ministers, who are called by God, to teach and preach the uncompromising Word of God.

“in Christ” – We are not ashamed to be identified as ministers in and of Christ. It is extremely important that He is exalted by us and is not compromised to become one of many.

“Advancing God’s Kingdom” – Perpetuating the Kingdom of God in our culture is a priority. As ministers, we have the mentality to take dominion and advance the Will of God on the earth as it is in Heaven.

“Worldwide” – We have no limits to our sphere of influence. We affect the lives of people, with discipleship and training; domestically and throughout the nations.

Our objectives are (1) Building relationships while (2) Impacting the Nations for the causes of Chris and His agenda.

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