ABEA was founded in 1940 by Dr. R. J. Turner. That makes us one of the oldest independent fellowships in America. Initially, it was formed as a local fellowship of pastors in and around the New Baltimore and northern Detroit, Michigan area to help promote foreign missions. Consequently, we are still VERY missions minded. (See our Missions page.) Additionally, the fellowship was also formed to help provide churches with government structure while allowing each church to remain autonomous.

Our first office was located in Bethel Temple Church (also founded by Dr. Turner) on the corner of Base and Main Streets in New Baltimore, MI; just a few blocks away from the Anchor Bay area of Lake St. Clair. (Hence the name Anchor Bay.) Shortly thereafter, Anchor Bay Bible School was established at the same location. (We no longer operate the Bible School at that location, but instead offer a Bible Correspondence Course, in order to accommodate more students.) Today, we maintain our general offices and international headquarters at Maryville, IL (St. Louis suburb).

Early on, the fellowship helped train missionaries and sent them to several foreign countries. (Today we are registered in more than a dozen countries and have missions works in many more.)

Dr. Maurice J. Hart was elected president in 1963 and served faithfully until 2007. Under his leadership Anchor Bay grew to include churches and ministers in most states and hundreds of members throughout the world.

Dr. Jim Adams currently serves as our President and we are poised for greater growth and influence than ever before.